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    About Us

    When you hear the word FETISH, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

    For most people, they think of whips and chains, and some think of 50 shades of grey.

    However, fetishes are not necessarily as intense as the above; a person could have a fetish and not even know. How you may ask; have a read inside this book and explore the diverse world of fetishes.

    Those that think their sexual interests are not different, will find out that they are. Those that think their sexual interest are different, will find out that they are not; and those that know their sexual interest are different will find out they are not alone.



    The purpose of this book is to bring light to the diversity of how people choose to receive and give pleasure in the content of sex.

    I have recommended this book for adults of 25 years and over, simply because the content requires a mature and responsible person to receive the information given.

    Overall, I hope this book will encourage partners to be more open with each other concerning there likes and dislikes, and to help to discover and express their hidden turn-ons.